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Our products are considered staples in the Brazilian cuisine. Our Carne Seca has the same aroma, flavour, colour and texture as the product sold in Brazil. A true Brazilian experience! Our Feijoada Kit, is the most convenient way to experience Brazilian food, while feeding a team of 4 to 6 people, and they will be happy! Our Paio and Calabresa sausages are full of Brazilian tradition, with rich flavours from a great selection of spices, and that hint of saltiness very difficult to find elsewhere. They can be used in a full version of the Brazilian Feijoada, served on charcuterie boards, harmonizing with your favourite drinks, or with crackers and cheese (did somebody just said Brie?), if you have a refined taste.

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Carne Seca

Our Carne Seca is a Non-Refrigerated, cured meat product made from fresh cuts of top-quality Canadian beef. Just like it’s been done for over 200 years in true Brazilian tradition, the dry salt process allows our Carne Seca (also known as Charque, Charqui, or Salted Dry Beef) to develop an authentic aroma and flavour.

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Carne Seca Lead Foods will help to satisfy the foodie inside of you: from Feijoada and Escondidinho de carne seca, to Macaxeira com carne seca, you will feel like you are in Brazil. Check out our delicious recipes!