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Lead Foods is a federally licensed manufacturer and exporter of Canadian meat products. Our products are processed in a federally registered facility, following HACCP plans audited by the Canadian Food Inspection Agency - CFIA.

We are a Brazilian-Canadian family owned business, committed to producing authentic Brazilian cuisine, made with traditional ingredients, being the reference as the Brazilian food brand in the North American market, and a focus on customer satisfaction.

Our products are distributed from warehouses in Western and Eastern Canada, and in the United States. We have distributors located in British Columbia, Quebec, California, Florida, Texas, and New Jersey. Product for sale in the United States has been already inspected and passed USDA Meat Inspection, and Customs.

Everything started with Carne Seca. But...What is Carne Seca?

There is no ingredient in the Brazilian Cuisine such as Carne Seca, also known as Charque, or Jabá. It is consumed in a daily basis, and there are hundreds of recipes using Carne Seca, including Brazil's national dish, Feijoada (a black beans stew, cooked with smoked pork sausages and Carne Seca). Did you know that for every colour of beans, there is a recipe with Carne Seca?

Carne Seca was created with the necessity to preserve meat in areas of Brazil where electricity was not available (initially to avoid waste), to be a source of protein to the sugar cane plantation workers, and to the pioneers (travellers and merchants) who blazed the trail into the country, in the late 1700s.

Historically, the process of preserving red meat comes from a long, long time, and it is difficult to say precisely when and where it started, as every continent has its own way of doing it: Beef Carne Seca in Brazil, Llama/Alpaca Charqui in the Andes, Beef Biltong in South Africa, Bison Pemmican in Canada, and so on.

There was little production in the NorthEast region of Brazil, however in the year of 1777 the region faced a severe draught that decimated the beef cattle production, forcing an entrepreneur called José Pinto Martins to migrate to the South and open the first commercial production of Carne Seca, called “Charqueada”, in the city of Pelotas, state of Rio Grande do Sul. Nowadays, the product can be found in every corner of the country, and is a staple ingredient in the Brazilian Cuisine.

Lead Foods is the first company in North America to make authentic Brazilian Carne Seca in a federal level.

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