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Frequently Asked Questions
Frequently Asked Questions


1. Do I need to keep Carne Seca refrigerated?
No, you don't. Carne Seca Lead Foods is shelf-stable for up to 18 months in the original unopened package and can be stored at room temperature in a dry and clean area. Carne Seca Lead Foods has been consistently tested, and has a proven history of shelf stability, when stored at room temperature (+20 to +25ºC) or lower.

2. Is Carne Seca Lead Foods imported from Brazil, or made with Brazilian meat?
No, it is not. Carne Seca Lead Foods is manufactured in Canada, with Canadian ingredients.

3. Is Carne Seca Lead Foods made in a home-based business (such as a commercial kitchen installed in a basement of a house)?
No, it is not. Carne Seca is made in a federally registered facility, and Lead Foods follows all food safety protocols required by the Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA) and United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) for a federally licensed business.

4. Why Carne Seca has a very high level of Sodium?
Carne Seca is dehydrated by salt, and needs to be de-salted prior to consumption. If you are not salt tolerant, we suggest that you desalinate Carne Seca twice or more, if needed. You can find instructions on the back label of the package, or Product page on our website.

5. How do I cook Carne Seca?
Product is Uncooked, and must be desalted (boil in water for 20 minutes, dispose used water) and then cooked or fried prior consumption. Can also be added to recipes after boiled, such as Brazilian Feijoada. If you desire a softer final product, pressure cook for 35 minutes after boiling. Check out our Youtube channel, Blog posts or Social media accounts located at the footer of this page for recipe ideas.

6. Why did I find Carne Seca Lead Foods in the refrigerated section at the supermarket's meat department?
Most places specialized in selling meats feel more comfortable keeping meat in the refrigerator. Though, there is no harm in keeping Carne Seca Lead Foods refrigerated, nor bringing it back from refrigerator to room temperature, if the package is still intact.

7. What is the cost to ship Carne Seca Lead Foods to my postal code?
We offer FREE SHIPPING on orders over $75, unless you select a faster shipping option, or live in Nunavut, North Western Territories, or Yukon, where different charges may apply. Some locations in the United States may have  different shipping charges as well.

8. I don't want to buy on-line a box of 2 Kg, with 4 packages of 500 g. I just need one package, and I need it for tomorrow. Is Carne Seca Lead Foods also sold in stores?
Yes, it is. We are present in more than 140 stores in North America. To find out where Carne Seca is sold, please visit our store locator in the Menu above (Where to buy) to find the closest place to you. If the store you regularly buy your Brazilian products from does not sell Carne Seca Lead Foods, suggest them to contact us. We will be more than happy to make our product available to you, when you want it.

9. I live on a farm, in Texas. Can I buy Carne Seca Lead Foods on-line?
Yes, you can. We ship anywhere in Canada or in the United States, as long as you have a valid postal code.

10. I have a store and would like to sell Carne Seca Lead Foods. What should I do?
We have distributors in Canada - British Columbia and Quebec, and in the United States - California, Florida, Texas and New Jersey/Massachusetts. If your business is outside of these areas, we still can attend you, selling directly. Please, send an email with your store information (legal name, operating name, address, phone, main contact person, description) to us, at, and we will be pleased to assist you.