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Feijoada Kit
Feijoada Kit
Feijoada Kit

    Feijoada Kit

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      Feijoada Kit is the best option for those missing Brazilian flavours, or those who want to have their Brazilian experience at home.

      The Kit is composed by Lead Foods’ finest products, such its world famous Carne Seca, the Paio sausage, a thick, smoked sausage, made from Pork loin cuts, and the Calabresa sausage, made double smoked, with a hint of fennel. The bacon gives the final touch for flavour richness and broth consistency, sourced from approved partners.

      It is so easy to use, that you will find yourself craving Brazilian Feijoada often. You just need an electric pressure cooker, one pound of dry beans (colour of your choice, however for the Feijoada, the black beans are the way to go), previously soaked (and drained), 4 bay leaves, one chopped onion. Cook all together with the Feijoada Kit for 30 minutes in high pressure. Then, safely open the lid, bring it back to a boil (pressure cooker mode on again), add spices to taste (e.g. teaspoon of black pepper, teaspoon of cumin), and reduce the broth to your liking. Done! Product must be thawed before cooking. Serve it with rice, stir fried collard greens or kale, and a vinaigrette (in a bowl, chop tomatoes, cilantro, green onions, green olives, add salt, pepper, vinegar and olive oil). Enjoy! Product is uncooked (raw), and must be cooked prior consumption.

      Product made in Canada, in a Federally Registered Facility, CFIA inspected.

      Product not available online. Sold in-store only

      • Packaging: Vacuum sealed plastic pouch, 360 g
      • Shelf life: 7 months, refrigerated. Non-ready to eat.
      • Taxes: This product is GST 0%.
      Which Brazilian dish
      are you craving tonight?

      Carne Seca Lead Foods will help to satisfy the foodie inside of you: from Feijoada and Escondidinho de carne seca, to Macaxeira com carne seca, you will feel like you are in Brazil. Check out our delicious recipes!


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