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CARNE SECA - (Uncooked) JERKED BEEF / Brazilian Style - 5 Kg BULK
CARNE SECA - (Uncooked) JERKED BEEF / Brazilian Style - 5 Kg BULK
CARNE SECA - (Uncooked) JERKED BEEF / Brazilian Style - 5 Kg BULK
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    CARNE SECA - (Uncooked) JERKED BEEF / Brazilian Style - 5 Kg BULK

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      Carne Seca consists of a dry, salty, cured meat product obtained from a fresh cut of Canadian beef, dried by salt, during a period of time, to develop aroma and flavour.

      Carne Seca is also known as Charque, Charqui or Dried Beef.

      CARNE SECA LEAD FOODS has the same flavour, aroma, texture and colour as the product made in Brazil.

      Carne Seca Lead Foods is used by many chefs in  Canada &  USA as  ingredient  for their  delicious ideas,  such as  Brazilian Feijoada,  Croquettes,  Pastel de Carne Seca and Escondidinho de Carne Seca.

      Brazilian restaurants, Brazilian street food joints, Food processors and Personal Chefs are a few examples were our bulk packages have been used. 

      Carne Seca Lead Foods for Food Service comes in a single bag, whole piece, with a total weight of 11.01 lbs (5 Kg). 

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      • Beef
      • Salt
      • Nitrite
      • Brown sugar
      Product is uncooked, and must be desalted (boil in water for 20 minutes, dispose used water) and then cooked or fried prior consumption. Can also be added to recipes after boiled, such as Brazilian Feijoada. If you desire a softer final product, pressure cook for 35 minutes after boiling.

      Product made in Canada, in a Federally Registered Facility, CFIA inspected.

      • Packaging: Vacuum sealed bag, 5 kg
      • Shelf life: 18 months, without refrigeration.
      • Taxes: This product is GST 0%.
      Which Brazilian dish
      are you craving tonight?

      Carne Seca Lead Foods will help to satisfy the foodie inside of you: from Feijoada and Escondidinho de carne seca, to Macaxeira com carne seca, you will feel like you are in Brazil. Check out our delicious recipes!


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