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Calabresa Sausage (MILD)
Calabresa Sausage (MILD)
Calabresa Sausage (MILD)

    Calabresa Sausage (MILD)

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      Our Mild Calabresa Sausage  is a cured,  double smoked sausage, famous for its red pepper flavour, combined with hints of fennel and bacon.

      Made from selected cuts of Canadian Pork, and seasoned with a selection of fine spices,  Calabresa Lead Foods is full of character. A deep immersion in Brazilian heritage, and super smoked.

      Calabresa sausage is often used in the Brazilian Feijoada, but is also consumed sliced as a pizza topping, stuffed in empanadas, or in risottos, or as appetizer, when harmonized with your  favourite drinks. Just slice it and stir fry with onions, and you will feel you are in a ‘buteco’, the Brazilian version of a  Pub. Add to that some Samba songs, and your happy hour is set! Enjoy!

      • Pork
      • Water
      • Spices
      • Smoke
      Re-heat by turning the sausage every two minutes, for about ten minutes in medium heat, to ensure even heating. Remove and serve, or cook it with beans for a delicious Feijoada. Product must be thawed before re-heating

      Product made in Canada, in a Federally Registered Facility, CFIA inspected.

      Product not available online. Sold in-store only

      • Packaging: Vacuum sealed plastic pouch, 375 g
      • Shelf life: 5 months, refrigerated.
      • Taxes: This product is GST 0%.
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